Access Control

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  1. Finger Print  X7

    Finger Print X7

    • Operation by Admin password for device management

    • Standard with ID card reader, optional Mifare card reader

    • Password capacity up to 8 groups

    • Supports wired doorbell

    • Compact and lightweight design

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  2. Long Range Antenna UHF-115

    Long Range Antenna UHF-115

    UHF RFID Integrated Card Reader and Writer

    1 ~ 15 Meter

    1: Working Voltage: DC+12V

    2: Reading Distance : 1~15 meter

    3: Reading Sensitivity : unipolarized reading

    4: Reading Speed: one label 64bit ID number <6ms

    5:Working Frequency:National standard (826-920MHZ. America standard (826920MHZ) or customize other frequency 6:Gross weight is 8KG

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  3. UHF-05 Writer

    UHF-05 Writer

    UHF Card Issuing Device

    Connect USB data wire between Device and PC, after 30 seconds system testing period, then punch the uhf card

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  4. UHF-01 Balnk Cards

    UHF-01 Balnk Cards

    UHF Blank Cards

    Working frenquency: 826-920MHZ Protocol: ISO-18000-

    6c(EPC G2) Material: PVC

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  5. UHF-02A Sticker

    UHF-02A Sticker

    UHF Sticker

    stick on car, 1 time use only

    Working frenquency: 902-928MHz Protocol: ISO-18000-

    6c(EPC G2) Chip: Alien/higgs3

    Working frenquency:UHF-02B-Left 0.38 0.35 860-960MHz

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  6. UHF-03 Tags

    UHF-03 Tags

    UHF Tags

    Metal Anti-Interference  RFID Tags Size: 243X22X10

    Chip:Alien/higgs3  Standard: ISO/IEC 18000-6C,EPC Class1 Gen2 Frenquency:8826-920MHZ

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  7. G2410 Directional

    G2410 Directional

    high-performance  32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 micro- controller core .                      

    Tag identification speed of 2000 labels / sec                                                         


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  8. ACB-002 Two-door Controlle

    ACB-002 Two-door Controlle

    Two-door TCP/IP  Door Controlle


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  9. ACB-001 Single-door Controlle

    ACB-001 Single-door Controlle

    Single-door TCP/IP Door Controlle


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  10. UHF-105 Card Reader and Write

    UHF-105 Card Reader and Write

    UHF RFID Integrated Card Reader and Writer

     5 Meter


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